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On-Demand tuition arragements.





Ad-hoc tuition is for students who do not require weekly regular tuition sessions. With advance prior arrangement with the tuition centre, a student can drop in to one of the classes for guidance on a particular topic. 


For instance, Kent and Marvis are students from bukit batok secondary school, they do not attend regular tuition sessions, but they are uncertain on some academic topics that need clarification and guidance.


They can come to a class on those particular subjects at the Bukit Batok tuition branch of Max Tuition, with prior arrangement.

The assigned tutor will guide them and walk them through the particular subjects.


  • Some students are competent on most topics, but they only require help on certain weak topics.


  • This category of students usually do not need to attend regular tuition to sit through topics at which they are already competent.


  • This is where ad-hoc tuition or customised on-demand tuition can help. 


In this case, Mavis and Kent, both studying and living in Bukit Batok, came to Max Tuition Centre at Bukit Batok for ad-hoc tuition and got their problems solved.


Ad-hoc lessons are designed for specific needs of the student. The student only require guidance on a particular maths topic, or he or she may just need some exam practice before an exam.


Students can schedule for just one or two sessions to get clarification on a particular topic, without having to sign-up for regular term tuition program.


Ad-hoc tuition with Bukit Batok tutors at Max Tuition can fill that gap in the pupils' studies. 

Want to arrange an ad-hoc session tuition with our tutors ?

Let us help you get started.

"Some topics are major stumbling blocks,

contact our tutors and get it solved." 

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