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Providing online tuition for Maths, Science, English and Chinese

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At Max Tuition, we provide Online Maths tuition and Science Online tuition programmes for both primary and secondary school students. 


For parents who have doubts over online tuition, let us assure you that it can be even more effective than face-to-face learning.

Here are some of the benefits:


  • Learn at the Comfort and Safety of your Own Home: Especially  during this period of post-circuit breaker. 


  • Easy and Convenient: Just log into the website when it is time for the lesson.

  • Front Row: All students will have a “front row view” to the lesson.

  • Small Group: No more than 6 students per session.

  • Ask Questions: All students are able to ask questions via video, audio and chat functions.

  • Save Time on Commuting from home to Tuition Center: Time spent on travelling could be put to better use. 


  • Record Lessons: Students can record the entire lesson for future revision.

  • Undistrupted Lessons: Unlike face-to-face tuition, online lessons will not be affected by suspension of centre due to COVID-19 protective measures.

Our online tuition programmes have received many favourable responses from our students and their parents. Conducted in real time by our group of experienced tutors, each lesson is a lively session where students are engaged and involved in learning.

Children today are born into a world where technology is deeply integrated into the fabric of daily life. With the world moving towards technology advancement and everything going digital, it is also part of learning journey to expose students to multimedia learning platform to prepare for their success.

We covers subjects from Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Chinese and more. These Interactive Online Lessons aims at helping your child to improve their grades.

We are sure your child will bebefit from our online tuition programmes 

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We can't wait to start this journey with you!
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"Engaging lessons.

Creative teaching methods"

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