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Korean language lessons.





Are you interested in learning the Korean language & culture. 


Or do you enjoy listening to K-pop music or watching Korean drama.


If you would like to look for a qualified and experienced Korean tutor but cannot seem to find the right one? Look no further!

We have a native Korean language teacher with many years of experience in teaching students from various age groups (from teenager to adults).


Feel free to contact us for more details!

We have the following classes:


  • Learn to speak Korean (Beginners)


  • Help students sing well in K-POP with perfect Korean pronunciation ​


Such progammes help the students towards a better appreciation and understanding of the Korean language .  


Lets start your lesson now!
Call us today, and we will guide you in the Korean way.
Learn speak Korean language lesson
K pop singing lesson

10 Basic Korean lessons

Date: Monday

Time: 7.30pm


For entry-level students with little prior knowledge of the Korean language. 


  • It provides an introduction to the language, with particular emphasis on speaking simple formal sentence constructions.

  • How to read Korean words.

  • Greetings.

  • Self introduction in Korean.

  • Shopping sentence rule.

  • Money

  • Review test and quiz.

  • . . . . and many more.

K-pop music lessons

Date: Tuesday

Time: 7.30pm


Help students sing well with perfect Korean pronunciation


  • Teacher will educate the meaning of lyrics so that student can express the emotions of the song. 

  • Popular K-Pop hits songs​

     - Twice / TT

     - SHINEE / 누난너무예뻐

     - 2NE1 / 내가 제일 잘나가

      -BIGBANG / 뱅뱅뱅

      - BTS / 불타오르네

      ( student's preference)

"Engaging lessons.

Fun and Enjoyable classes"

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